Saturday, May 19, 2018

Gas Prices

We RVers can often have sticker shock filling up that tank to go wandering about. Sometimes we're miffed that we didn't stop for as sooner, because several counties or states further along we find out the gas is much more expensive.

You've probably heard of Shell that sells gas.

I think they need to spend some of those profits on maintaining their lights.

But this is good for a giggle while it lasts!

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Dearly Departed

LifeIn these days and times of escalating costs one doesn't want to saddle the loved ones with a pricey funeral. One way is to preplan and prepay for the funeral. In this case your loved ones can mourn and not have to look after details and finances.
On the economical side...

How about a motorcycle hearse?
Save on gas and enjoy one last ride.

Of course cremation is generally far more affordable than full internment.

So I'm thinking of a final bicycle ride to the crematorium... in style.

Thinking outside the box...

I never dreamed you could buy a casket from Amazon, but as of this writing they sell them from $949 and up, delivered to your door. I went to read some of the customer reviews and noticed there were exactly 13 listed. Most of them were listed as "verified purchase". Apparently you can save yourself a bundle by buying your casket online.


Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Rv and Camp Fabrics

For the past 8+ years I have lived in a super tiny home. I love it!

Recently I was able to upgrade to an older but larger tiny home.

From barely 150 square feet to a whopping 300 square feet. WOW.

I have company staying with me for a few months, helping me fix and repair and upgrade this old home.

Yeah. I bought another fixer-upper. I didn't think it needed much work, but as time goes on, I keep finding little things to fix and repair.

My friend has a vehicle so I am able to visit some thrift stores. Mostly I come home empty handed, but just looking at the stuff is entertainment enough.

Recently I found this decoupage plate to hang on my wall. It reminds me of my old rig, my new rig and the crazy lifestyle I have chosen.

I had to cough up 25 cents for this extravagant luxury. Proceeds went to a charitable cause. 

I have been looking for a source for this fabric without success. However I have found many fun whimsical camping fabrics at this link. 

Here's another vintage RV fabric: